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Hairstyle Services

Special Occasion: Getting married? Have a special party or occasion to attend?

Our stylists can get you prepped and ready for any big day.  We will do  your hair and makeup and take the stress off of you.  How great it is to  go somewhere and feel your best. 

Hair Color: Beauty by Us provides a wide array of hair color options.


  • Fashion colors: Colors  like purple, pink, silver, or teal are very on trend and the stylists  at Beauty by Us are well versed in the process involved in achieving  these colors.  We will lay out a path that is reasonable and realistic  for achieving and maintaining these fun colors.
  • If you are looking for a "sun kissed" look or going full blonde,  we can make your dreams come true.  We use a lightener that is gentle,  but delivers beautiful blonde colors.  Our lightener has keratin in it  and the developer has oil in it.  The keratin helps build your hair and  make it stronger. The oil is very moisturizing and doesn't dry out the  hair.  Our blonde's hair feels better when we lighten it, then when they  first walk in.
  • Ombre Style:   This style is currently on trend and is showing no signs of going  away.  Our stylists get continuing education specifically designed  around ombre techniques.  From a subtle ombre to a very high and light  ombre, we can deliver beautiful hair, every time.
  • Women - Grey Hair: If  you have gray hair and want to cover it, we can do that.  We offer a  special service for ladies and we offer a special savings for coming in  more often.  This way, they look beautiful all the time, without  breaking the bank.
  • Men - Grey Hair: If  you're a man, looking to cover gray hair, we offer gray blending which  is a camouflage service. A man with salt and pepper hair, will leave  with more pepper than salt.

Smoothing Services:

If  your hair is frizzy, dry, and out of control, we can help you manage it  with our keratin smoothing  service from Keratin Complex. 

  • This  service reduces frizz by up to 90% and reduces blow dry and staying  time by up to 50%.  Keratin Complex was the first company to introduce  keratin smoothing to the world without using formaldehyde.  They also  have the highest concentration of keratin per bottle.  The service lasts  between three and five months.  Beauty by Us also sells the products  that will keep the service lasting longer.  This way, you get the most  out of the service and the most out of your investment.

Texture Services:

If  you have curly hair and you are tired of straightening it every day, a  chemical straightening service may be just the thing you're looking  for.  A chemical service will permanently straighten your hair.  No more  pesky curls to deal with! 

Hair Extensions:

If you have short hair and want it long,  or if you have fine hair and want it thick, extensions may be the  answer to your question of "Why do I have to have such bad hair"? 

  • Turning short or fine hair into long or thick hair can be so rewarding for our stylists. 
  • We  will first do a consultation and discover the right solution for you.   Then, we will devise a plan to maintain the extensions with you.  Have  long, thick hair doesn't have to just be a wish. With Beauty by Us, your  wish can become a reality.

Meet Our Team

Missy Mulford


"Missy is the best! I've been seeing her for a couple of years now and  she has completely transformed my hair. My blonde hair has never been  longer and thicker than this. She is a miracle worker!" - Jessica R. Yelp Reviewer

Roxanna Eshaghi


"I had the pleasure of having Roxie's talented artistry do color with balayage yesterday, This being the second time she has done my hair I am very happy and would recommend her services. After moving to Florida  and back I knew I wanted to return to Roxie." - Gilda M. Yelp Reviewer